Gut Damage Symptoms, Causes & How to Heal Naturally

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Has anyone ever told you to just “trust your gut”? Of course they have, but did you know you really have no choice? Your gut, which extends all the way from your sinuses to your rectum, is the primary barrier between you and the outside world, protecting you from environmental toxins1,2.

Every day we rely on this barrier to keep us healthy. However, pesticides, pathogens, and other pollutants can damage tight junctions (the seals between your cells) in the gut lining3. This type of damage can allow toxins and other foreign particles to enter the bloodstream, launching a cascade of potential health issues beginning with digestion4,5.

Common Gut Damage Symptoms

Digestive issues are just the start of a damaged gut. As digestion is impacted, so is the entire gut environment. And because the gut is where most of your neurotransmitter production occurs (over 90% of serotonin and over 50% of dopamine), your mood and mental clarity hinge on maintaining its health.

Also affected by damage to the gut environment is your immune health. With 70% of the body’s pathogen-fighting white blood cells residing in the gut and digestive tract, immune response is impacted by changes in the gut environment6. Prolonged damage also leaves the immune system continuously removing toxins which puts your body in a chronic inflammatory state. This constant inflammation can damage delicate tissues in the kidneys and lungs. Furthermore, over time, an unhealthy gut impacts amino acid production necessary for bone and muscle repair.

How to Reverse the Domino Effect of Gut Damage

Gut damage should be viewed as the “first domino falling”, ultimately initiating a sequence of additional health issues that continue until most biological systems are affected.

Fortunately, we can get to the root of health and stand back up that proverbial “first domino”, by strengthening the gut lining with ION* Gut Support. Terrahydrite®, the active ingredient in ION* Gut Support, has been scientifically proven to restore tight junction integrity in the gut7. Once these junctions are tightened, toxins are filtered better, digestion improves, and the gut environment returns to a thriving, balanced state.

What follows with this healthier gut environment is effective production of neurotransmitters (improved mood and mental clarity), reduced toxins in the blood (less burdened kidneys), and subsided immune-response related inflammation. Due to the body’s return to a normal, thriving state of being, issues related to chronic inflammation, such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), may also be reduced along with improved lung function8. In our lab, further studies of the effects of ION* Gut Support on the gut lining have shown long-term effects of increased production of the amino acids, lysine and carnosine9,10. Lysine improves collagen growth and skeletal strength whereas carnosine improves muscle recovery. Learn more about lysine and what is does.

ION Biome Wellness Map

You trust your gut to protect you. Return the favor by healing your gut damage from the inside out. From gut to brain and blood to bones, enjoy both short- and long-term benefits of a strengthened first line of defense with ION* Gut Support.

Happy Microbiome!

Matthew Bednar, PhD

Bringing science out of the lab and into your life.


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