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ION* Connection #7
Alex and Jen Bue

Discover how ION* has become the wellness routine the whole Bue family loves. Read their ION* products review/testimonial to learn how.

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  • Healthcare practitioners and proud parents of three, Dr. Alex and Jennifer Bue are, naturally, passionate wellness advocates.

    Jennifer, a chiropractor and nutrition specialist, and Alex, chiropractor and soft tissue specialist, understand the important role our body’s own defenses play in keeping us well. So when they were introduced to ION*, a different kind of solution that was created to boost those defenses, they gave it a try.

    That was several years ago.
    Now? ION* is a beloved favorite and daily routine for the whole Bue family.

    Unlike other supplements, ION* Gut Support helps the body naturally bolster its own defenses from within, boosting everything from daily digestion to critical immune function. That kind of holistic support is especially important to Alex and Jennifer, as they, like so many parents, try to find the right balance of ensuring their kids have the healthiest start possible–while still being able to be kids.

    They know getting out in nature with fresh air and sunshine are important for a child’s physical and mental wellbeing (adults, too!). However, they were worried about the growing risk of exposure to chemicals and environmental toxins that are all but unavoidable these days. With ION*, Alex and Jennifer feel much more confident letting their kids get out and roll around in the dirt and grass–because they know their kids’ natural defenses are supported.

    “It's just a great way to protect your gut and your gut barrier, to protect you from the things that you can't control in your environment.”

    Another reason Jennifer loves ION* for her family? It’s easy for her kids to take!

    “Sometimes certain supplements don't taste good or certain things kids don't want to take. But ION* is so easy. It has a very gentle taste, if any at all… We love making it a part of our routine.”

    Alex and Jennifer’s passion for health and wellness doesn’t end at their front door. As healthcare practitioners, they want to help all of their patients feel their best and have the best support for their own health. After seeing an alarming uptick in autoimmune issues, fertility problems, ADD, and ADHD in their patients they decided to start offering ION* at their practice–with great results.

    “Since offering ION* in our practice, we've noticed and have heard so many great benefits from our patients, from an increase in digestion, to helping with skin issues. It's also been great for the immune system.”

    After experiencing ION* for themselves, seeing the benefits it has on their children and hearing about the difference it makes in their patients’ lives, Jennifer and Alex want to share their story with others. They hope it shows families that simply taking baby steps to a healthier life–like adding ION* to your daily routine-can make a world of difference.

    “A little motto in the office is ‘Make one degree of change.’ You get a lot of pushback when you try to make people rewrite their entire life and do everything different and cut everything out of their diet. It's just really hard to get that kind of follow through. So little changes make a big step.”

"Little changes make a big step."

—Alex Bue

The Bue Family’s ION* Routine

  • ION* Routine
  • ION* Gut Support

    The Bue family keeps their bodies working the way nature intended by boosting their innate defenses, protection, and function with ION* Gut Support. Unlike other supplements like probiotics, ION* actually works to bolster your gut’s health on the cellular level by tightening the junctions in your intestinal walls. That means everything from daily digestion to critical immune function is bolstered, too! And also unlike other supplements on the market, ION* is a liquid solution that’s super easy to take–even for kids!

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  • ION* Routine
  • ION* Skin Support

    Jennifer has always encouraged her children to get outside and into nature and now that the family is spending more time out on their boat, ION* Skin Support has become a staple in their outdoor bag. Like Gut Support, Skin Support works on the cellular level to help your body protect you from the inside out–and, in this case, the outside in! Skin Support is a simple spray that helps fight free radicals, signs of aging, redness and even can help your body defend against harmful UV rays. Simply mist it over your skin twice a day for all the benefits.

    “Recently we've been using the Skin Support a lot because we're on the boat so much, and in the sun so much and we've been loving that. Just spray it on right after, and it's been wonderful for our skin.”

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  • ION* Routine
  • ION* Sinus Support

    Between lots of time outdoors, time around other kids and lots of time around patients, the Bue family loves using ION* Sinus Support to help them breathe easy. Sinus Support is a gentle, non-habit forming spray that clears the nasal passages of airborne irritants, environmental toxins, and debris while also soothing and hydrating the delicate membranes in the nose.

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    "So thankful for this product! My wife and I have noticed an incredible improvement in our health after taking ION* Gut Support for the past couple of years!"
    - Josh P.
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    "Been using it for years. Nothing like it on the market. Makes probiotics juvenile when you compare how ION* works."
    - Scott F.
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    "I have been taking ION* Gut Support and ION* Sinus Support for about six months. I feel like these products are protecting me from the chemicals in our world."
    - Kristi B.
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    ION* bundles are tailored to meet you wherever you are on your healthcare journey, giving you the specific tools you need to fortify your defenses and improve your microbiome diversity.