Resiliency, motherhood, and natural healing

ION* Connection #14
Tiffany Kaloustian
Motherhood, healing, and the rhythm of life. This is Tiffany’s story.
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  • Every day, we wake up and make choices in our life and strike a balance between all the things that matter–our priorities, our health, our family.

    Tiffany Kaloustian calls this balancing act a “dance” – especially in her everyday pursuit to remain well. She doesn’t take one day of this dance for granted, not after the journey that’s led her to this place: a thriving mother of two boys, wife, and a functional practitioner.

    Originally hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii and now residing in Los Angeles, California, Tiffany’s life took a challenging turn during her college years when she experienced unusual and chronic health issues.

    “I noticed for the first time that I was developing some inflammation that never before I ever experienced.”

    The issues she faced with her health are hard enough to handle, but in Tiffany’s case, it was even more difficult, as it left her struggling to fulfill her role as a new mother to her first child. But it was also in him that she found a beacon of hope, a reason to fight for a healthier future.

    “I remember looking at my first son, who was very little at the time, and I knew I had something much greater than myself to fight for.”

    With cautious optimism, Tiffany delved into more research and grew convinced by the proven science behind ION*. By supporting your gut function at a foundational level, you support your body’s overall immune response. Tiffany decided to give it a try.

    “It took my body just a few weeks to feel a difference and just a few months to feel like I was a completely different person.”

    When Tiffany incorporated ION* into her wellness routine, she started to notice the positive changes quite quickly. Her energy returned, digestion improved, and a sense of vitality was reclaimed.

    “Everything that I thought I had lost and I could never regain was coming back.”

    Empowered by this newfound ally in her wellness journey, Tiffany is now a passionate advocate for ION*, not only for herself but for her loved ones, and clients.

"It took my body just a few weeks to feel a difference and just a few months to feel like I was a completely different person."

—Tiffany K

Tiffany's ION* Routine

  • ION* Gut Support
  • ION* Gut Support

    “I’m never without ION*. I take it three times a day faithfully.”

    Gentle, effective, and able to be seamlessly integrated into any daily routine, ION* Gut Support is a natural wellness solution unlike anything else. With its proven ability to fortify the gut barrier, this supplement ensures toxins are kept at bay while moving essential nutrients to the cells. By nurturing your body’s unique microbiome and strengthening the terrain upon which it can thrive, ION* creates an optimal environment for which the foundation of overall health can flourish. That’s why you can support your immune function and digestion effortlessly… all by simply adding ION* Gut Support.

    If you’re looking to support your overall wellness, experience the difference ION* Gut Support can make. Try it for yourself today.

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    "So thankful for this product! My wife and I have noticed an incredible improvement in our health after taking ION* Gut Support for the past couple of years!"
    - Josh P.
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    "Been using it for years. Nothing like it on the market. Makes probiotics juvenile when you compare how ION* works."
    - Scott F.
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    "I have been taking ION* Gut Support for about six months. I feel like these products are protecting me from the chemicals in our world."
    - Kristi B.
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