5 Reasons You Need ION* Skin Support

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When you think of “healthy skin,” what comes to mind? A radiant glow, smoothness, and balanced complexion? Perhaps all three?

Totally fair. When people normally think about skin (and improving it), it’s the skin’s appearance that we generally focus on first. But there’s something else to consider: healthy skin is not just about aesthetics; it is a vital component of overall well-being.

More than just your exterior, your skin is your absolute first line of defense against, well, everything you come into contact with in the outside world. When your skin barrier is compromised, your ability to protect against external toxins and other pathogens is jeopardized as well.

That’s why ION* Skin Support is so helpful in fortifying your first line of defense–naturally, gently, and effectively. All-natural ION* Skin Support is specially formulated to work with your skin on every level to promote a healthy barrier that not only defends against toxins, but minimizes signs of skin damage, and regulates natural hydration–all without chemicals or harsh ingredients.

Let’s dig into the top 5 reasons you need ION* Skin Support.


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1. Defends Against Toxins

Much of what we encounter on a daily basis is out of our control, but what we can control is what we apply to our skin. Cosmetics, beauty products, hygiene routines… all are laden with chemicals that are absorbed by your body. By the numbers, American women use an average of 12 personal care products that contain 168 different chemicals every day. And men aren’t doing much better, using an average of six personal care products that contain 85 different chemicals. Learn more about toxic skin care ingredients to avoid.

So, how can ION* help?

Your body has innate intelligence that knows what to let in (that would be nutrients) and what to ward off (toxins and pollutants), but the barriers controlling what’s being allowed in or out must be strong, with tight junctions intact, to do this properly.

Because ION* Skin Support is specially formulated to work with keratinocytes, (the primary cells forming your skin barrier), it works to strengthen your skin barrier. By doing so, it supports your skin’s natural ability to protect you on the foundational level… including against toxins you may be introducing to yourself via daily grooming habits.


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2. Reduces Signs of Skin Damage

In addition to helping defend your body against the things it doesn’t need, like toxins and environmental pollutants, ION* Skin Support also helps boost the things that your skin does need. For example, ION* has been shown to boost glutathione levels in skin cells. This powerful antioxidant is critical for minimizing damage. Because ION* Skin Support can boost levels of glutathione, the result is healthier (and healthier-looking!) skin.


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3. Balances Complexion

Broadly, exposure to the sun results in the formation of ROS, which can stimulate melanin production, leading to hyperpigmentation resulting in dark spots, sun spots, discoloration, and uneven skin tone–giving skin a dull appearance. And of course, too much exposure to intense UV results in cell damage. ION* helps naturally stabilize ROS (reactive oxygen species) due to sun exposure.

And to be fair, while some ROS can be beneficial, the point really comes down to whether they signal to cells (normal messaging) or damage them depends on a delicate balance–a balance that ION* can help strike. In helping strike this balance, ION* also aids with hydration regulation to give the skin an even tone.


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4. Easy to Incorporate into Your Routine

While many things that make a difference in our health require time and effort (exercise, healthy diet, getting enough sleep), ION* Skin Support is one that requires very, very little in the way of effort while still being effective.

Simply mist over your skin morning and night, focusing on areas where you need the most support, like on your face, neck, and chest. Applying ION* before the rest of your skincare products (and allowing time for maximum absorption) is an easy step to incorporate into your routine that can help set you up for healthier skin.


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5. Use at Home and On-The-Go

Not only is ION* Skin Support so easy to use anytime you need a boost, thanks to its easy mist bottle, it’s also available in convenient sizes for use at home and on the go. The 8oz is the perfect size to keep at home for anytime use and everyday routines while the convenient TSA-approved 3.4oz is the perfect travel size that easily fits into purses and backpacks. Shop the Daily Protection Bundle.

Are you ready to level up your skincare routine? Is that a resounding yes? Good news: leveling it up is easy! ION* Skin Support is full of incredible skin-happy benefits and is easy to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. No matter where you are, simply mist whenever your skin needs support for barrier protection, a boost of hydration, and a healthy glow. It’s really that simple!

Try ION* Skin Support today and happy misting!

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