ION*Biome Gut Health is now ION*Gut Support

ION*Biome has evolved our brand, but we have not altered what is actually in the bottle. The ION*Biome formula is still at the heart of our entire product suite and Dr. Zach Bush, our CEO and founder, is still at the heart of our mission.

Ion*Biome is now ION*
  • Intelligence Of Nature
  • Our new brand, ION* Intelligence of Nature,

    more fully brings the ION*Biome mission to life with clearer messaging, more transparent labeling, and more sustainable packaging! Restore your connection to whole body health with ION* Gut Support, Sinus Support, and the latest in our microbiome-friendly lineup, ION* Skin Support!

  • How ION* Works

    How ION* Works

    Our entire product line starts nurturing connection at the literal foundation of health, with cell-to-cell integrity.

  • Intelligence Of Nature

"A long time ago, I came to the conclusion that even though certain diseases or illnesses ran in a family, it didn't mean it had to run in me."

—Fran Howard