Shedding Light On Our Relationship With The Sun and Your Skin

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The Sun. A symbol for divinity, power, enlightenment, the rhythm of time, renewal, and so much more.

Throughout history, the golden, luminous disc in our sky has held immense significance to humanity. How could it not? The Sun doesn’t just brighten our days; it nourishes us–not simply by encouraging crops to grow, but also by lifting our spirits. (There’s a reason people experience SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, during times with less daylight.)

It is no wonder that the Sun has been venerated as an object of deep reverence for eons. But more recently, it has inspired fear.

The modern perspective doesn't deny the Sun's incredible power; Instead, it recognizes it so intensely that the pendulum of historical awe has now swung into present-day alarm. Growing concerns, like skin cancer and premature aging, have changed how we engage with the star that lights up our lives. The biggest shift? The surge of sunscreen popularity as a daily ritual.

But consider this: as sunscreen rose to the gold standard measure of Sun protection over the last 30 years, so did an increase of chronic immune and skin disorders.

“It has been largely popularized now that the Sun is an accelerant to your aging process, and so we see this massive multi-billion-dollar industry of sunscreen coming out over these last few decades. During that time, we've actually seen an up-leveling of many of the skin disorders and immune dysfunctions of the planet.”

— Zach Bush MD

Recent studies offer a different outlook on skin health, especially regarding how our skin’s microbiome plays a role in our overall wellness in relation to the Sun.

Our Skin, Our Biggest Protector

“Over the last few years, it's been an extraordinary journey in our laboratory to uncover the relationship between the microbiome and the skin itself.”

— Zach Bush MD

First, let’s talk about our skin. For all of us, the skin has a big job to do (and not just because it’s our largest organ).

Yes, our skin is a critical protector between ourselves and our environment, but it is not just a simple barrier. Your skin is composed of multiple layers, made by cells called keratinocytes. These layers are both necessary defenders against anything harmful in the world outside and critical sensory communicators to the entire nervous system so we can interpret the world around us.

For skin to do its job well, it must be well. Arguably the most important factor in healthy skin? A healthy, flourishing microbiome. (Yes, your skin has its own microbiome!) Just like the gut microbiome, the skin microbiome relies on a diverse community of microbes to support our skin health, including the health of keratinocytes integral to building skin layers.

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“Healthy skin environment relies on a deep relationship with the microbiome.”

— Zach Bush MD

Unfortunately, our skin microbiome shares another commonality with the one in our gut: modern lifestyle and environmental realities can disrupt its balance, damage tight junctions, and weaken overall function.

“Just as we have seen in public health over the last few decades, a decrease in the ability of the gut lining to protect you from the environment around you, the skin itself has also diminished in its ability to protect your body.”

— Zach Bush MD

That’s why over the last few decades, we’ve seen the integrity of skin and gut barriers diminished. This increased permeability means more harmful toxins can enter into our bodies, overwhelming our immune systems, causing chronic inflammation, and leading to a plethora of skin disorders and problems.

Sun protection

The Paradox of Sun Protection and Skin Health

As we see the rise of skin issues linked to the rise of sunscreen use, many are left wondering if efforts to protect our skin may be, ironically, causing more harm than good.

“As we start to increase our understanding of the relationship between Sun, vitamin D, and the immune system, we find out that this fascination and this belief that Sun is somehow our enemy, have in fact diminished the quality of our immunity and our relationship to nature.”

— Zach Bush MD

It boils down to this: while designed to shield the skin from UV rays, many sunscreens on the market contain harmful chemicals and toxins. By applying sunscreen every day, you're introducing these chemicals directly onto your body’s largest protector–allowing for easier and more direct access. These chemicals go on to disrupt your skin’s natural microbiome and innate defense system, ultimately putting you at increased risk for allergic reactions, hormonal imbalances, and other skin issues.

Moreover, fear of the Sun has led to more than just excessive use of chemical-laden sunscreen; it has also caused widespread vitamin D deficiencies due to inadequate sunlight exposure overall. And what is vitamin D crucial for? That's right, immune function.

ION* Skin Support

Restoring A Healthy Relationship with the Sun with ION* Skin Support

In light (no pun intended) of this conundrum, how can we protect ourselves from UV rays without leaving ourselves vulnerable to harmful chemicals and toxins? The answer lies in ancient wisdom, not necessarily modern beliefs. The intelligence of Mother Nature, that is.

Instead of working against our health with potentially harmful chemical sunscreens or outright avoidance altogether, causing vitamin deficiencies, what if we could improve our skin’s relationship with the Sun? ION* Skin Support can pave the way for change by supporting your skin at its most foundational level.

“I start my day and end my day making sure that I'm re-supporting that intelligent barrier between myself and the outside world. By doing this, I relieve the stress of my immune system's overactivity that would occur with a permeable skin.”

— Zach Bush MD

All natural and backed by science, ION* Skin Support promotes tight junctions in keratinocytes, fortifying cellular connections in the skin barrier to shield against toxins while nurturing a thriving, diverse microbiome. ION* reduces oxidative stress typically associated with UV light, enhances the skin's capacity for regeneration, and promotes overall skin health.

“It is with ION* Skin Support that we take these two major strides forward in human health: an increased defense mechanism and barrier to the outside world, where fewer chemicals and other toxins are coming into the body through the skin or the gut; and a change in relationship to the Sun, taking it from a stress stimulus into a constructive relationship with the Sun itself, increasing our capacity for regeneration.”

— Zach Bush MD

By simply misting this convenient spray over your skin twice a day, you’re not only supporting a healthier response to the Sun, you’re also soothing and hydrating your skin, reducing redness and signs of damage while promoting a radiant, glowing complexion.

Ready to elevate your daily skincare ritual and heal your relationship with the Sun this summer and beyond? Try ION* Skin Support today.

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