Tight Junctions: The Unsung Heroes Defending You from Toxins

Damaged or weakened tight junctions in the gut lining cannot properly defend the immune system, often leading to inflammation.

How the Seals Between Your Cells Help Fight Inflammation

Tight junctions are your entire body’s defense system. They latch cells together and intelligently regulate what can and cannot pass through the gut lining. Here’s what happens to that defense when exposed to glyphosate and other harmful chemicals:

  • Within 16 minutes, the continuous barrier formed by once strong tight junctions has opened up.
  • The immune system is exposed to everything passing through the now-unregulated gut lining.
  • The immune system becomes overwhelmed from having to react to this onslaught. When the immune system is overwhelmed, inflammation occurs.

animation showing closed tight junctionsAfter the addition of Terrahydrite®, tight junctions are closed and stronger than before.

Nature Has An Answer

With the addition of Terrahydrite®, the proprietary cellular communication molecule found in ION* Gut Support, the gut microbiome can once again inform tight junctions of the gut lining how to function optimally.

  • Within 16 minutes of exposure to glyphosate with the addition of Terrahydrite®, the tight junctions reform a strong barrier.
  • When the microbiome can communicate with the body effectively, the body’s natural defenses can function as they should, allowing the immune system to focus on maintaining overall health.
  • ION* Gut Support is the missing piece in restoring the damaged microbiome. View the entire line: ION*

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