"Maintaining gut health is one of the most important things you can do."

ION* Connection #2
Brendan Coughlin
See how ION* Gut Support helps Brendan feel amazing and hit his wellness goals.
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  • Daily disciplines for balanced wellness.
  • Daily disciplines for balanced wellness.

    Brendan Coughlin knows the secret to feeling your best and it isn't a secret at all. At 55, Brendan is feeling as good as he ever has, thanks to daily disciplines that support a healthy body and mind.

    Brendan is an avid Crossfitter, but getting physical exercise is just one part of the wellness journey. Taking care of your gut health is important too, because so much of our body's natural immune function starts there. Avoiding chemicals and getting nutrient-dense foods is imperative for your gut health. ION* helps support your gut from within, to naturally bolster your body's own immune function, which benefits your overall wellbeing. When Brendan began taking ION* Gut Support, he felt noticeable improvements to his athletic performance and mental clarity within just a couple of days.

    "Managing and maintaining my gut health is probably one of the most important things I can do for myself and my overall health."

"For me, health is ultimately about feeling good and feeling as good as possible — particularly as the years progress."

—Brendan Coughlin

Brendan's ION* Routine

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  • ION* Gut Support

    Brendan takes ION* Gut Support 3x a day. We take a natural gut health approach that goes beyond probiotics to defend against environmental toxins and diversify the gut microbiome naturally. And unlike other supplements, ION* is unique in that it doesn't add something new to your system, it works to help your body naturally take care of, protect and heal itself.

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    "So thankful for this product! My wife and I have noticed an incredible improvement in our health after taking ION* Gut Support for the past couple of years!"
    - Josh P.
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    "Been using it for years. Nothing like it on the market. Makes probiotics juvenile when you compare how ION* works."
    - Scott F.
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    "I have been taking ION* Gut Support for about six months. I feel like these products are protecting me from the chemicals in our world."
    - Kristi B.
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    ION* bundles are tailored to meet you wherever you are on your healthcare journey, giving you the specific tools you need to fortify your defenses and improve your microbiome diversity.