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ION* Connection #3
Catherine Blackwell Huss
As a farmer, Catherine knows the importance of dirt. Learn why she invests in her health with ION* soil-derived wellness solutions.
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  • Catherine Blackwell - Farmers Market
  • If anyone understands the important connection between soil health and our body's health, it's a farmer.

    Meet Catherine. For the past 10 years, Catherine's been working in the dirt as a hands-on farmer. And if her experience has shown her anything, it's the importance of getting the right nutrients from our Earth. Catherine is the Farm Manager on a 3-acre, diversified vegetable farm where they focus on getting nutrients (and micronutrients!) into the field where they plant their crops. This means the vegetables grown there absorb those same nutrients and ultimately end up in our bodies when we eat them. And critical to diversified vegetable farming is diversified soil.

    "After understanding soil health, I just realized the importance of not only just good soil, but diversified soil from all over."

    It's this understanding of soil health that resulted in Catherine investing in ION* products (and her health!). ION* is a soil-derived, all-natural wellness solution that goes beyond a regular supplement to act as a support system to your own body's natural functions and defenses.

"One of the things I love so much about ION*, the focus is on nature and what's already existing and enhancing that within ourselves."

—Catherine Blackwell Huss

Catherine's ION* Routine

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  • ION* Gut Support

    Catherine uses our ION* soil-derived wellness products to support her body naturally, bolster gut health and enhance her immune function.

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    "So thankful for this product! My wife and I have noticed an incredible improvement in our health after taking ION* Gut Support for the past couple of years!"
    - Josh P.
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    "Been using it for years. Nothing like it on the market. Makes probiotics juvenile when you compare how ION* works."
    - Scott F.
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    "I have been taking ION* Gut Support for about six months. I feel like these products are protecting me from the chemicals in our world."
    - Kristi B.
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