Finding a way forward after loss

ION* Connection #13
Kimberly Montgomery
Discover how ION* Gut Support and Skin Support helped Kimberly change her life. Read her personal testimonial of ION* gut health products.
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  • A person's health and wellness is always a journey of sorts.

    There's zigs, there's zags. There's unexpected twists and long, quiet stretches. Highs and lows. Sometimes the path ahead is clear and at other times you may feel so off course that you're not even sure where the path you wanted to follow even is anymore.

    Life events, big and small, can alter this journey. And some events are so seismic, so immense, so all-encompassing, that they alter the way ahead forever. After an absolutely devastating life event, Kimberly found herself at a fork in the road: find a path back to wellness or stay lost.

    She bravely chose to forge ahead towards a better future for herself.

    What brought Kimberly to that fork in the road is something no one should ever have to experience. For any parent, the very thought of losing a child is almost unimaginable. For Kimberly, it became a reality in 2018, with the unexpected loss of her youngest daughter, Grace.

    "Everything you hear about losing a child is true. It really just brings you to your knees."

    When grief caused Kimberly's world to crumble, it took everything with it. Her health suffered. Her job suffered. Her personal life suffered. Because she was suffering. No one, anywhere, ever, would blame her for that happening. It was Kimberly who decided she needed a change.

    'I finally woke up one day and I looked in the mirror and I said, "This is it. You're either going to sink or swim." And I decided to swim. And so I started taking some steps to find my new path in life.'

    It was a chance meeting that really helped set the course of her new journey ahead to a healthier life. Because at this particular meeting, Kimberly found herself speaking with a nutritionist.

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  • Kimberly shared she was feeling "fluffy" with the nutritionist and asked for advice on how to fix it. Instead, the nutritionist told her that she was indeed not fluffy, but that she was suffering from leaky gut syndrome and gave her two crucial, very simple pieces of advice to help: 1. Eat organic. 2. Take ION*.

    So, Kimberly did. And her health–and life–has been improving ever since.

    "I knew it was really making a difference because there was one point in time where I ran out, and I didn't reorder and oh my gosh, I could just tell that I wasn't functioning as well as when I took it."

    Her steadily improving health piqued Kimberly's interest in learning more about overall wellness, especially about the role that toxins and environmental pollutants play in harming our bodies and minds.

    "Our environment is so toxic. We are getting toxins in the water that we drink and the air that we breathe and the food that's available to us in the grocery stores… almost everything we do throughout the day contains some type of toxic load."

    While it's never quite the same for any one person, the path to better health isn't always a major step change, either. Small tweaks to diet, getting more movement in, removing toxins wherever possible, and supporting her body with ION* has helped lay the foundation for Kimberly's incredible path to better wellness. One step at a time.

    Kimberly's mission in life these days? Stay fit and healthy through her sixties, seventies, eighties, and beyond to have as much fun as possible.

    "If I'm going to be on this planet, I want to feel good while I'm here."

I can see the difference in my body and I can feel it every day.

—Kimberly Montgomery

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Kimberly Montgomergy

After redefining her wellness journey following the loss of her beloved daughter in 2018, Kimberly began documenting her life experiences online. Her YouTube Channel, Pretty Over Fifty, reaches a community of more than 250,000 women. Kimberly has been an avid proponent of ION* since becoming a customer in 2019 and became an official partner of ION* in 2021.

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    "So thankful for this product! My wife and I have noticed an incredible improvement in our health after taking ION* Gut Support for the past couple of years!"
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    "Been using it for years. Nothing like it on the market. Makes probiotics juvenile when you compare how ION* works."
    - Scott F.
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    "I have been taking ION* Gut Support for about six months. I feel like these products are protecting me from the chemicals in our world."
    - Kristi B.
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