Natural Beauty Expert Christy Coleman shares her Daily ION* Rituals

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Clean Beauty Pioneer Christy Coleman

At ION*, we're all about wellness, ritual, and supporting your natural beauty from the inside out. We love hearing stories from the ION* community about how our all-natural products have positively impacted lives and how ION* has become part of daily wellness and beauty regimens. We're honored to share natural beauty expert Christy Coleman's ION* story to inspire new ways to integrate ION* into your healthy lifestyle. Christy is a true clean beauty pioneer who transitioned from using mainstream makeup and skincare to educating on natural skin and body care products to support whole-body wellness. Christy uses ION* every day as part of her health and beauty ritual to boost energy, mood, digestion, and more. Read on to hear in Christy's words how ION* has made a difference in her life and learn creative ways to incorporate ION* into your daily routine.

ION Gut Support

Christy's ION* Journey

"After years of working as a professional makeup artist, and then nearly a decade developing clean makeup and skincare products, I've evolved to have very picky preferences when it comes to what I put on my skin. It should go without saying that the product must first and foremost be clean - free of toxic chemicals. But beyond that, the product has to perform and also has to cut through the noise.

It's truly a hobby of mine to try and test new clean beauty and wellness products, and it's rare that I find a line of products that I deem absolutely essential to my everyday well-being…that is, until I found ION*. These products are right up there with toothpaste - something I use each and every day.

ION* products are there to support your health, but if you happen to care about makeup, I assure you they also play a role there, too. I've always said your makeup can never be an A if your skincare is a D, and of course, the luminosity and health of your skin are inextricable to your overall health, and with ION* in your arsenal, you'll feel better from the inside out.

Years ago (maybe 8? Time flies!), a functional medicine doctor I was seeing first turned me on to ION* Gut Support. This was back when the product was called RESTORE, and was during the Venice Beach era of my life. At the time, I was experiencing some gut issues and was open to any solutions that would help. After the doctor recommended ION*, I began to see improvements in my gut issues, and like a good album, I find myself coming back to ION* again and again over the years. Here I am, nearly a decade later, and still using these products. I love the products enough to order them for friends and family as Christmas gifts, and I even give ION* a dedicated feature on my website. Since I began using these products, they've undergone a name change and transitioned to more sustainable packaging, yet the formula and function have remained the same.

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ION* products are liquid mineral supplements designed to support redox signaling in our bodies. All of our cells communicate via the transfer of electrons via a redox cycle. Our bodies, specifically our skin, gut, and sinuses, are exposed to many toxins that dampen these processes… and that's where ION* comes in. ION* aids in strengthening and maintaining function of the gut lining. When the gut lining can function optimally, our overall health is consequently improved.

ION* products are vital to maintaining my health and protecting my body. They are my first line of defense in supporting my overall health and wellness, allowing me to thrive. With each spritz and spray, I've created a ritual that helps to treat my body with the reverence and care it deserves."

Thanks for sharing your ION* journey, Christy! Now tell us, how do you incorporate ION* into your daily wellness and beauty ritual?

ION Skin Support Spray

My ION* Ritual

ION* Skin Support

This spray has become an integral part of my skincare routine over the past few years. I have a spray bottle in every room: my bathroom, office, kitchen, and even one in the cupholder of my pickup truck. Just getting in my car after a grocery store run? A quick spritz before I drive home. Getting together with a friend for lunch? A quick spritz to ground myself, protect my skin, and set some intentions for the meeting. I love to mist this all over my body after every bath or shower, as well as all over my face after every face wash to help with redness and signs of skin damage.

I've recently launched a new website and most of my workdays are consumed trying to troubleshoot technological problems - from website to email to Instagram reel issues. It's overwhelming, and more days than not I'm frazzled by the process. And here's where ION* Skin Support comes in: a quick mist helps hydrate my skin, lift my mood, and is just a gentle reset. I'm loving the challenging work I'm currently doing, but it's just that - a challenge with a big learning curve. A moment with ION* is like a quick high five from a friend, an energy boost, and an energetic reset that helps keep me healthy and focused.

Another function of ION* Skin Support is to promote a healthy sun response. I don't go outside without first giving myself a good spritzing, especially in these summer months when the sun can feel relentless. I don't wear sunscreen every day, but I do use ION* Skin Support. When it's 102 degrees outside, a refreshing spritz of ION* helps to cool me down.

ION* Gut Support

My mornings usually start with a cup of tea, and as I'm letting my water heat up, I take my daily dose of Gut Support. I've held onto a small matcha teacup from one of my coveted trips to Japan which now lives on my kitchen counter next to my bottle of ION* Gut Support. I love this tiny vessel, and it's become an integral part of my morning ritual. If the glass goes missing or moves, so does the habit of taking Gut Support. Habits are as easily broken as they are to make. (So, find yourself a tiny cup!)

I take another shot of Gut Support before lunch, and another before dinner. Like a prayer, like slow methodical veggie prep, like time spent in the garden, ION* Gut Support helps set the stage for a mindful and grateful eating experience, in addition to its primary function of supporting health digestion.

ION Sinus Support

So many "wellness" products come and go through my life. But rarely does a single product line feel so foundational to my health that it stays stocked in my cupboard for years on end. Like a good pair of jeans, ION* is here to stay!"

Clean Beauty Pioneer Christy Coleman

Christy Coleman is the original clean beauty pioneer. Her journey to becoming a renowned beauty expert began early. Christy was a licensed esthetician at the age of 18 and moved to New York City in her early 20s to pursue her dream job as a makeup artist. She's worked on iconic campaigns for clients like Ralph Lauren and Victoria's Secret and has worked for clients ranging from Alessandra Ambrosio to Connie Britton. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, W, and Vanity Fair. In 2005, Christy lost her father to ALS and promptly decided to transition her makeup kit to natural products, dumping those with harmful chemicals. She helped found Beautycounter, where she served as the company's Chief Artistic Officer. Christy has blazed the trail to clean beauty, and the industry has followed her heartening lead. She now lives in Central Texas where she's working to rewild the land she lives on. Christy's on a mission to shift the paradigm around ‘beauty' and the negative connotations and exclusivity that often come with it. To learn more, check out her website linked below.

*Christy Coleman is an affiliate partner of ION*. By purchasing ION* products through links on her website she may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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