Healthy New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

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“Small changes can make a big difference.”

Sound familiar?

We see it often enough around this time of year, when resolutions are top of mind for almost everyone.

But sometimes, “small” changes are, well, quite subjective. Have you ever read an article about better habits for the new year and suddenly you’re bombarded with 50 to-do’s for “your healthiest year ever!” and one of the bullet points is signing up for an ultra marathon in a month? Or giving up carbs in every delicious form for the rest of your life?

Yeah, maybe a little overwhelming and less than a little helpful.

Piling on too many expectations of big change, even if the intention is to improve your health, is too often setting yourself up for stress and, unfortunately, failure.

We wanted to do something different, and instead offer up achievable, accessible, actually small and actually useful steps you can take that can have an outsized impact on your wellbeing - and your life! - for your healthiest year yet.

1. Move more. No sweat.

You may think to get the benefits of exercise you need to hit the gym hardcore, do a lengthy HIIT circuit, or any number of over-the-top and somewhat unrealistic physical fitness goals for someone simply trying to get healthier overall. But you don’t need to dedicate yourself to “the fitness life” for the benefits of exercise to have a positive impact on your life.

The truth is any amount of physical activity is beneficial to your health. So even if you have a few minutes, try to find some time to simply move your body. That’s it. No special equipment. No specific mileage to hit or target of reps or anything. Just move.

What does that mean? It can mean almost anything. Park father away. Take the stairs. Dance like nobody's watching! (Or like everyone is, if your dream was to be a famous dancer when you were a kid.) Put on a podcast and your favorite warm coat and take a long, cozy walk. All of it counts as exercise because all of it gets your body moving!

It’s also true that the more you move, the easier it will be to move more often and for longer periods of time. In no time, you’ll become the kind of person who feels off if you don’t exercise.

2. Unplug to recharge.

When connection was harder than ever, technology proved to be a beautiful, incredibly useful thing. Not to mention, it is a source of endless entertainment, information, and efficiency. Yes, there are truly infinite things to be found right there in the palm of your hand on the screen of a laptop. That’s kind of the problem.

Funnily enough, reducing screen time can help you be more productive by taking away easy distractions that are otherwise right in front of your eyes and fingertips.

Because like with all things–especially things that become ubiquitous to everyday life–moderation is key. From a mental health perspective, it’s important to put tech to the side and focus on the present but that’s certainly not the only reason to purposefully reduce your screen time.

One of the biggest reasons is that the blue light emitted from phone and computer screens interrupts your sleep cycle–which can have a negative impact on, well, everything. Try putting your phone down at least an hour before bedtime so your body can rest its best.

For a healthier year, recharge your personal batteries by unplugging for a while. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make.

Woman in the sunshine

3. Get some sun!

“This is health advice?”

YES. Emphatically. Yes. A little sunshine can go a long way.

Getting more sunshine during the day helps you sleep better at night. That’s because your body is better able to understand when to increase and decrease production of melatonin–the sleep chemical–based on sun exposure. There’s even a scientific reason why sunshine is associated with happiness. Sunshine helps the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which improves your mood, helps you stay calm, and can even sharpen your focus.

Oh, and of course let’s not forget the connection between the sun and Vitamin D production, which is crucial for strong bones and a strong immune system.

And if all that wasn’t enough to inspire you to soak in a few rays, there’s also weight loss and life expectancy to consider. Because there does seem to be an interesting link between the two. For weight, science has seen an interesting link between losing weight and morning (8am to noon) sunlight exposure. And regarding life expectancy, a recent study of 30,000 Swedish women found that getting more sun exposure overall was linked to living up to two years longer than those with less sun exposure. More research is needed, but it’s certainly something to consider!

So, next time you’re out on an easy walk (without staring at your phone), just turn your face up at the sun once in a while and you’re already doing three things to improve your health in one go. Easy.

4. Eat better (in more ways than one)

We all know what you eat is important, but did you know how you eat is important, too?

Just eating too fast is a problem, because it can cause you to overeat. Your body needs up to 20 minutes to signal to your brain that you’re full. Thankfully the solution is simple: slow down! At your next meal, simply take your time to enjoy each bite and you’ll be taking a big step to tune into your body’s fullness cues.

Of course, what you eat is crucial, too. One big thing you can do is ensure you’re getting the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables. Everyone needs a diet rich in nutrients and minerals, which fruit and vegetables offer up in spades. And for those looking to lose weight, you can’t get much better than low calorie, low fat, high fiber fruits and vegetables. They’re easy, versatile, and their fiber count keeps you feeling fuller, longer.

Additionally, in the United States, it is estimated that food travels around 1,500 miles to get from the farm to your plate and is conventionally grown - which means glyphosate is also on your plate. When possible, source straight from your local regenerative farmer, join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), or shop at farmers markets or check out The Garden Club hosted by Farmer’s Footprint to learn how to grow food in your own backyard and in deeper relationship with nutrient-rich food and land.

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5. Establish a daily wellness ritual with ION*

While the above are indeed simple and small enough to implement almost every day, we know life can sometimes get in the way of even the best (and easiest)laid health plans. (Plus, life is supposed to have some variety!)

That’s why recommend making ION* a part of your daily wellness routine. ION* products are easy, gentle, simple, effective, natural wellness solutions that work to bolster your body’s defenses, protection, and function from within.

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By bringing the suite of ION* products into your daily routine, you’ll be supporting the most important facets of your health and wellness with simple, effective, natural products for your healthiest year yet.

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