How to Diversify Your Microbiome

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How to Diversify Your Microbiome

When you think about nature, do you think about it existing as an outside entity, apart from you? Or do you see yourself existing as part of nature?

Turn this question over in your mind for a bit. It can really open our eyes, not just in how we’re experiencing the world around us, but how those experiences shape ourselves, our lives, and the very foundations of our health.

ION* Gut Support

The microbiome is the critical foundation of health and why

At the core of everyone’s health lies a beautiful tapestry of interconnectedness that makes us thrive. And where that connection lives, breathes, and flourishes begins with your body’s unique microbiome–a vast ecosystem of diverse microorganisms, akin to a rainforest, that’s essential for regulating immune response, digestion, mental health, and overall well-being.

Just like in nature, where different environments thrive in harmony, balanced between an array of diverse flora and fauna, so does the human body.

We know gut health is crucial for overall health, but it certainly doesn’t stop there.

The microbiome isn’t a single thing, and that’s why it’s so important. It’s part of your skin, sinuses, and gut. It’s your body’s first line of defense and your body’s biggest champion in getting you the right nutrients to thrive.


How exploring different places can diversify your microbiome and why

The next time you plan a weekend adventure, consider it the macro experience that influences the micro-influencers of your health.

You are part of this world, your body has a connection with its environment. And because diversity is key to thriving, so does your body when it connects with a variety of environments. Getting outside isn’t just good for our mental health or vitamin D levels, it’s good because you’re getting different microscopic additions to bolster your microbiome across the entire body.

How to reach your full wellness potential

Achieving your optimum health is an everyday exercise in prioritizing the care of the things that take care of you. By supporting your body’s unique microbiome, you’re doing so much more than a singular action to help your health, you’re helping your skin health, your immune health, digestion, nutrient absorption, and even your ability to breathe better.

ION* Gut Support

How ION* Gut Support can help you naturally diversify your microbiome

ION* works with your body–its unique structure and cellular makeup–to support a diverse and thriving microbiome, thereby benefiting the whole body. Instead of adding something to your body like most supplements, including probiotics, ION* supports the body’s innate ability to thrive. All-natural and backed by science, ION* Gut Support strengthens your gut lining on a cellular level to help it function as nature intended - keeping toxins out of the body and moving nutrients into the cells. By supporting your gut health, you will also be supporting all the good things you do to take care of yourself. With ION*, you can make the most of your healthy lifestyle.

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