Hydration: Not Just Essential For Life, But Key To Longevity

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ION Deep Hydration Stong Microbiome

“If you have a strong microbiome and deep hydration, your capacity for life is supercharged.”

Humans have spent thousands of years searching for the legendary fountain of youth–a restorative wellspring that promises everlasting wellness. Sounds quite mythical, right? But have we ever considered that we may have already found it?

A fountain, after all, already brims with the purest natural element known for its rejuvenating, health-boosting, and life-sustaining properties.


After air, water is the one thing we simply cannot live without for very long. And now we’re discovering that water is essential for more than everyday living–it’s key to lasting life.

Why Hydration Is Important (For More Reasons Than You May Think)

Water does so much more than quench thirst. Not only is it necessary for vital biological functions across the body, proper hydration is proving to be the key for supercharging lifespan potential. Science has shown that our longevity hinges on two key factors: the density of microbes within us (particularly mitochondria) and how much water is inside our cells (deep hydration).

“50% of longevity, or the aging process, depends on the amount of water inside the cell.”

But hydration is not simply drinking enough water, it’s also ensuring that water gets where it needs to go to be properly utilized.

“As we start to think about gut health, one of the fundamentals is the delivery of water.”

This utilization is where a strong microbiome and healthy gut come into play. A critical function of the gut is the ability to deliver water to the right place. When gut health is weakened–which can happen for many reasons, some of which are all but unavoidable, like exposure to glyphosate–it leads to what’s popularly referred to as “leaky gut.”

Leaky gut means the gut’s weakened tight junctions allow substances to move freely across the colon, causing water to leak back into it, and that results in poor absorption for proper hydration (and is linked to a wide array of other health issues, too).

More on gut health and hydration to come. First, let’s talk about the big question.

Eat Your Hydration Watermelon

How Can I Stay Hydrated?

Getting enough water (and ensuring it gets where it needs to go!) is important for everyday life, crucial to overall biological function, and is key to cellular hydration and longevity - quite a big job for H2O.

Thankfully, boosting your hydration levels can be easy. A few suggestions:

Drink Natural Water: Drink unfiltered water from a local spring whenever possible.

Eat Your Water: Incorporate regenerative organic foods like cucumber, celery, watermelon, and high-fiber fruits into your diet.

Exercise: Get in short bursts of anaerobic exercise daily to help your body stay hydrated.

Limit Tech Exposure: Reduce direct exposure to technology by using EMF-blocking materials between your cell phone and your body, and turn off WiFi at night.

ION Hydration Gut Support In Water

How ION* Gut Support Plays A Role In Hydration

Another way to help boost your hydration?

Support your body’s natural ability to effectively hydrate with ION* Gut Support.

“ION* is your connection to hydration.”

All-natural, vegan, and backed by science, ION* is proven to strengthen the gut lining at a cellular level to support digestion, nutrient absorption, and even deep hydration. Because a healthy gut is key to so many facets of overall health, simply incorporating ION* Gut Support into your daily routine will level up your whole-body wellness.

ION* is easy, effective, and gentle enough for the whole family. ION* Gut Support is a soil-derived liquid supplement that can be taken on its own or added to a non-toxic reusable bottle with dechlorinated water to support natural hydration all day long.

Try ION* Gut Support and experience how a healthy gut can help you truly thrive–not just for today, but for many tomorrows to come.

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