How to Relieve Sinus Pressure Naturally

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What causes sinus congestion?

Despite being a plural, the "sinuses" might be seen as a singular entity. But those of us who experience sinus congestion, swelling, or pain know that sinuses are multi-faceted and the symptoms of not-so-happy sinuses can manifest in different areas.

That’s because your sinuses are actually made of four distinct parts:

      1. Frontal, in your forehead
      2. Ethmoid, between your eyes and across your nose
      3. Maxillary, in your cheeks
      4. Sphenoid, behind your eyes and along the back of your head

      Usually, problems in our sinuses are caused by blocked nasal passages. When your sinuses can’t drain (partially or fully) thanks to these blockages, pressure builds and can cause the usual litany of sinus issues: congestion along with compression and pain in your nose, face and head, including sinus headaches. 

      Regardless of where you’re experiencing sinus issues, whether in one part or all of them, it’s not fun. And unfortunately, some pretty common things can contribute to sinus blockages, including allergies, head colds, and the flu - so many of us will experience some sinus congestion throughout our lives.

      5 Natural remedies for sinus pressure

      While a lot of over-the-counter medications can help with the symptoms, there are many natural remedies that can effectively help get to the root of your congested sinuses. So while the bad news is that a lot of sinus issues are indeed quite common, the good news is many solutions are not only natural, they’re also common (and accessible!) too.

      1. Steam

      An easy thing to try? Add moisture to your air with steam. It’s an age-old remedy for stuffy noses, and for good reason, too.

      Dry air can lead to dry sinuses (and dry sinuses can result in thicker nasal mucus). When this happens, this drier, thicker mucus can form crusts that block sinus drainage and trap problematic particles (airborne pollutants, viruses, etc.) in your nasal passages.

      When you add steam to the mix, the added moisture from that steam helps hydrate your sinuses and thin out the mucus there for easier drainage.

      Here are a few sinus-friendly steamy suggestions (sorry, steamy books and movies don’t count):

      • Take an extra steamy hot shower or bath
        Simply take a hot shower or bath and breathe in the steam for sinus congestion relief. For an extra boost, add eucalyptus oil to the water to help speed up your recovery. Not only can it help reduce nasal stuffiness and clear sinus pathways, eucalyptus contains cineole, which is an ingredient known to speed the healing of even acute cases of sinusitis.
      • Try a using a towel and a steaming bowl of water
        You can skip the whole shower and try nasal breathing in steam from a pot or bowl of warm (not too hot!) water with a towel draped over your head so the steam doesn’t escape.
      • Or, try using just hot and cold towel compresses
        Another thing you could try is placing a warm, wet towel over your face and follow that up with a cool towel over the same area. This hot and cool compress can help remedy congestion and swelling to get your nasal passages draining properly again.
      • It might be time for a humidifier
        If you’re experiencing chronic dry sinuses, it may be time for a humidifier. A humidifier can alter dry air on a regular basis (especially while you sleep!) and help provide more long-term relief if dry air is causing dry sinuses and sinus issues.

      2. Exercise

      It seems that so many of our ailments can be helped by similar advice, like getting enough physical activity. Getting regular exercise, on top of all the other benefits it can do for our bodies and minds, can actually help with sinus relief, too!

      Physical activity increases blood circulation, which can help relieve congestion and make breathing easier. And while exercising may not sound like the most enjoyable activity when you’re experiencing sinus congestion (especially if you’re sick with a cold), physical activity really can help your recovery time and speed up the healing process.

      (Of course, respect how your body is currently feeling and know your limits with this remedy; don’t push yourself too hard.)

      3. Hydrate

      Just like exercise seems to be a great piece of advice no matter what the health or wellness goal, so is getting adequate hydration. We’ve already gone over how dry air can help make sinus congestion worse with thicker mucus that can create nasal blockages. Well, even if the air isn’t dry, but your body is dehydrated, you could experience sinus trouble. And just like with too-dry air, when you’re not properly hydrated, all those dry sinus passages can create an environment ripe for problems that can cause pressure and pain.

      Of course, water is always a good idea whether you’re fit as a fiddle or you’re feeling under the weather, but fluids of all varieties (including water-heavy fruits and vegetables) can be beneficial for reducing nasal blockages. For a one-two punch of hydration and steam, try upping your intake of hot tea, soups and broths, they’re all great ideas if you’re experiencing sinus congestion.

      4. Elevate

      Let gravity do some of the hard work. Elevation is the name of the game when it comes to positioning yourself for natural sinus congestion relief.

      While you may feel down when you’re dealing with congestion, don’t fall into the desire to go totally horizontal. Mucus buildup can increase in your nasal passages (resulting in congestion and pressure) when you’re lying down completely flat. This can be especially disruptive if you’re experiencing sinus issues when you’re trying to get some sleep or even rest comfortably.

      When you’re settling in to rest, relax or sleep, simply prop your head up with pillows to keep your head above your heart. This not only helps curb sinus buildup, it can help you breathe more easily overall.

      Have a tendency to slide down off your pillows once you finally get some shut eye? Try sleeping with a sit-up pillow or even a traveler’s pillow around your neck to help keep you propped upright.


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      5. Support

      Another very important part of keeping your sinuses happy and congestion-free is to help make sure they’re supported at the foundational level, so they can function the way Mother Nature intended.

      Yes, even if drinking a big glass of water, going for a blood-pumping run and taking an exceptionally steamy shower followed by a nap propped upright is your daily routine, it’s still always a good idea to take daily measures to bolster your sinus defenses. Because you can’t always control how dry your air is, or when you’ll be exposed to things like smoke, air pollution and even chlorinated water.

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