How to Stay Well While Traveling (So You Can Enjoy Yourself)

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There are a multitude of reasons why travel is so wonderful; exposure to new cultures, breathing your biome (in a new ecosystem!), food, sights, and exciting adventures are definitely some of those reasons. Because your body experiences so many changes during travel, it’s easy for your immune system to take a dip.

Disrupting routine is good for us, mentally. There’s a reason the phrase, “stuck in a rut” exists. But this also comes with a few challenges, like messing up your sleep schedule, skipping out on exercise, switching up your daily routine, diet changes, exposure to new environments… you get the idea.

Whether you're going on a weekend jaunt or embarking on a verifiable journey, prioritizing your health is super important to fully enjoy your travels. (Anyone who has ever been sick while on vacation can vouch for the truth in that statement.)

You can start ensuring your health far ahead of your actual departure date. How? By supporting your body’s immune system and body’s natural defenses. Here are a few healthy travel tips to help you stay well.

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1. Eat well

Vacation is a great time to relax and enjoy yourself, including trying new foods and yes, perhaps even indulging. So, before you travel, make sure you’re eating plenty of nourishing foods to help your body stay strong.

The usual suspects for overall healthy eating are healthy for your gut (and therefore immune system) too. Get your dark, leafy greens, your fresh fruits and veg, and plenty of high fiber foods, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor before, during, and after vacation. Fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut are also especially good for your gut.

“Eating well” is more about getting, well, more of the good foods your body needs. Instead of thinking about what you should avoid, think about incorporating more healthy foods and snacks into your everyday diet, including during your travels. Make an adventure out of finding a local farmer’s market to get organic and locally-grown fruits and vegetables-it’s a fun way to see the local way of life and support organic farming practices, all while keeping your body healthy!

While you’re traveling to and from your destination or on the go seeing the sights, opt for portable foods that travel well and will keep you going. Unsalted nuts and seeds (such as pepitas, pistachios, cashews, pecans, almonds) and fruits with their own “wrapper” (like apples, oranges, bananas) are all good choices to keep on hand.

One more important tip? Eat breakfast. Start the day off with something nutritious to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and help you avoid overindulging because you’re starving by lunch. Aim for some protein with a source of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

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2. Stay hydrated

Getting enough water is always important for your health, of course. For travel, specifically, staying hydrated is key to combating fatigue, headaches, constipation, and even overcoming jet lag. During travel, new environments can be dehydrating (especially airplanes) and it’s tempting to reach for caffeine and/or alcohol, but be cautious with those, as they will only dehydrate your body further.

At your destination, it’s easy to lose track when you’re hanging poolside or going on an all-day sightseeing excursion. To help make sure you’re getting enough water, try to drink two glasses before or with your breakfast and carry a reusable water bottle with you while you’re on the go. Ideally, find a water source that is rich in minerals (this can make for a fun adventure, too!).

Interestingly, you can also get healthy foods and a hydration boost in a one-two-punch, as well. Basically, you can “eat your hydration” to ensure you’re getting thoroughly hydrated through both water and foods. Certain fruits such as mangoes, blueberries, papaya, and blackberries are not only delicious and packed with minerals and vitamins-like vitamin C which plays a role in supporting a healthy immune system–they’re hydrating, too!

Getting your steps in

3. Get your steps in

Ironically enough, to get the most out of your relaxation time, don’t forget the physical activity. It’s essential to keep your body energized and mind fresh, so you can fully enjoy your time away. Plus, exercise helps relieve stress, which travel can increase (even if you’re having fun!) and can dampen your immune system.

Movement doesn’t have to come from a hotel gym, though. Simply try to be active every day–walking, swimming, hiking, yoga, and even taking the stairs are all options to get your body in motion to release endorphins and keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

If your ideal days are spent lounging on the beach, try to get your movement in before you head out for the day, so it’s less likely you’ll put it off for later (and end up skipping it altogether).

4. Don’t forget to rest

Travel is demanding, especially on sleep and rest. Unfortunately, lack of sleep hinders your body’s ability to produce infection-fighting cells, which increases your risk of getting sick. If you want to stay well while you’re traveling, remember that sleep is absolutely crucial to keeping your immune system strong and avoiding illness.

Try to maintain a routine, even in changing time zones, by being consistent with your sleep schedule. If you have a hard time falling asleep in unfamiliar surroundings, packing earplugs and an eye mask can help.

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5. Support a healthy immune system with ION*

Traveling opens up a world of exciting exploration and possibility. To make the most of it, make sure to prioritize your health and take care of yourself, especially your body’s natural defenses.

Because your immune system needs to be strong to protect you during travel, start with fortifying it on its most important, foundational level before you depart. That means taking care of your gut health and your body’s natural defenses.

While diet, exercise, hydration and sleep are all important, they’re the very things that can get disrupted on a day-to-day basis, especially during travel (even with the best intentions). Incorporating a daily wellness routine that’s easy to implement no matter where you are can go a long way in supporting your body’s key defenses and functions.

That’s where the ION* Skincare Bundle can make a world of difference–both at home and on-the-go. With Gut and Skin Support products, you have all the tools you need to fortify your defenses and strengthen your natural protection, inside and out.

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ION* Gut Support is an all natural, scientifically proven wellness solution that does what no other supplement or probiotic can, because it works totally differently. ION* doesn’t add to your body, instead, it helps your body support itself the way Mother Nature intended by sealing the junctions in your gut to keep toxins out, nutrients in, and diversify your microbiome for thriving immunity and happy digestion (and more!). ION* Gut Support is a liquid solution that’s gentle enough for the whole family and easy to take no matter where your travels take you.

ION* Skin Support spray works with your body’s largest organ and largest defender. Specially formulated to work with skin cells, ION* Skin Support spray defends against toxins and facilitates microbial connection (yep, your skin has a microbiome, too!). This easy-to-use mist helps reduce redness and signs of skin damage while also encouraging your skin to breathe for a natural glow.

Ready to embrace your next vacation with a healthy immune system, so you can enjoy it all the more? Try ION* today!

Bon voyage!

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