ION* vs. Probiotics: What’s the difference and what does it mean for gut health?

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Probiotic capsules

The connection between gut health and overall wellness is well-known. It’s no wonder that probiotics often climb to top-of-mind for many people trying to improve their gut health. But should they?

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are living microorganisms marketed for their health benefits, especially regarding their potential to improve gut health. That’s why probiotics in the store are often advertised as “good” bacteria.

Derived from the Latin words “pro” (for) and “bios” (life) probiotics are an essential component of gut microbiota–the diverse community of microorganisms in the digestive tract. They play a crucial role in maintaining the balance in the gut microbiome, which is largely connected to many parts of our overall wellness, including immune health.

And while they can contain beneficial species of bacteria for the gut, does that mean probiotic supplements are actually beneficial for our health?

The Rise of Probiotics Popularity

These days, you can find probiotic-enriched… well, everything – from artisanal chocolate to luxury hand cream.

Already a multi-billion dollar industry, the probiotic market shows no signs of slowing down. In developing countries, the interest in these supplements is spiking and the surge in developed nations is already at a high. As consumer concerns regarding gut health and gastrointestinal conditions rise, so does the interest and demand for probiotics.

By 2032, current projections indicate the size of the probiotic market is expected to reach $131 billion.

Probiotic Pros and Cons

Certainly, the intent of probiotics makes sense: introduce beneficial bacteria to help create a happier, healthier gut microbiome and support better wellness and immune function overall.

However, though it’s in the name, probiotics might not have as many ‘pros’ as we think.

A big one is simply the small amount of species present in commercial probiotics. How small? We’re talking only 3 to 7 species of “good” bacteria are generally found in probiotic supplements. That’s not nearly enough when one considers the human gut needs around 40,000 to really thrive. “Good” or not, flooding your microbiome with billions of copies of only a few kinds of bacteria is not ideal for your gut, nor does it address underlying issues that cause an imbalance in the microbiome in the first place.

Additionally, when you take probiotics regularly, you can destroy critical biodiversity in the gut and create what's called a monoculture. “Monoculture” is basically what the name suggests: the exact opposite of diversity (and absolutely not what you need for a healthy, thriving gut). Diversity is key in most things, and your gut bacteria is no exception.

Biodiversity isn’t just crucial to a thriving gut, it is also necessary for the function of the communication network inside of it, too.

For example, did you know cow intestines are where many probiotics are sourced? Knowing that the benefits of diversity are important, it’s also important for all those different species of microbiota to be able to work together (that is, communicate). Taking bacteria beneficial to bovines and putting it into a human gut isn’t quite as effective at benefiting humans, studies show.

ION* Gut Support

Is ION* a Probiotic?

Because of the marketed link between gut health and probiotics, many people discovering ION* are curious if it, too, is a probiotic.

To be clear: no, ION* is not a probiotic. Nor is it a prebiotic or other narrowly-focused supplement.

Proven to strengthen the gut lining, ION* works at the foundation of gut health by supporting the body’s innate communication system. ION* Gut Support contains two optimally balanced, simple ingredients: humic extract and purified water. ION*s humic extract is derived from ancient soil rich in beneficial metabolites. These metabolites combined with trace minerals create fulvate, a unique family of molecules that is at the heart of ION*s science.

In simple terms, ION* is a wellness solution providing the communication network that fosters the restoration and rebalance of the microbiome. When the gut microbiome is diverse, a myriad of health benefits follow.


ION* vs. Probiotics for Gut Health

The explosion of probiotic popularity isn’t random. The more we understand gut health, the more we understand just how critical it is to our overall health. And because probiotics have been marketed so effectively, people often closely associate “gut health” with “probiotics” these days.

Unfortunately, probiotics are (at best) a myopic understanding of the vastness that is the expanse of gut health. And doubly unfortunately, the things we encounter in our daily lives that harm gut health are expanding just as quickly.

Industrialization and destruction of our soil systems (and consequent decrease in nutrient density of our foods), plus widespread glyphosate use (learn about the top foods at risk for glyphosate contamination here), has cut off the innate intelligent communication we need to thrive.

Yes, communication.

What Makes ION* Special

Cellular communication is key to wellness.

Unlike probiotics, that “dumb down” the system and flood it with billions of only a few kinds of bacteria, ION* is completely different. What makes ION* so unique is that it helps foster your body’s innate, intelligent communication thanks to redox molecules. These molecules function “as a liquid circuit board moving information throughout the biology of life”.

ION* provides a communication network of carbon redox molecules that form the front line of defense for our gut.

Unlike probiotics, ION* doesn’t introduce anything new to your body. Instead, ION* works by naturally bolstering your innate systems to help your body do what Mother Nature intended: thrive.

ION* Gut Support

Supporting Everyday Health with ION*

All natural and backed by science, ION* is gentle enough for the whole family and easy to incorporate into even the busiest routines. With daily use, ION* supports the very foundation of health so you and your family can thrive inside and out. And don’t forget, just like with bacteria, diversity is key in your diet, too! Including a variety of organic foods and wild fermented foods (like sauerkraut, miso, pickles, and yogurt) is great for gut health.

With back-to-school in full swing, there’s never been a better time to support your family’s wellness and immune health. (The fact that ION* is a liquid solution that’s easy to take even for little ones is another added bonus!) Get your backpack-friendly travel size ION* here!

ION* is the future of gut health, reconnecting the diverse ecosystem within you.

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