Reconnect to Nature with Zach Bush MD

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Zach Bush MD

Stand with Zach Bush MD within a verdant forest as he takes you on a journey from the soil to the forest canopy and into your microbiome.

“Over the last few decades in medicine and science, I have realized that nature has really one rule, which is adaptation. And the purpose of that adaptation is to create biodiversity. And the biodiversity allows for the beauty of this planet to occur.”

The importance of the microbiome has been overlooked for decades, in this video, Zach Bush discusses the crucial role of the microbiome in nature and within our bodies.

“The microbiome is a description of an ecosystem; complex biodiversity within your gut, within your skin, within all of the organs of your body, including things like the brain and the central nervous system that we thought were sterile for most of human history.”

“What we are doing with ION* is reconnecting you to the original intelligence that allowed you to occur in the first place, as a human being, and reconnecting you to that nature allows you to realize your full potential as a being, as a human body.”

Backed by science and derived from 60-million-year-old soil, ION* Gut Support is your daily wellness ally, reconnecting you to the intelligence of nature. ION* is proven to strengthen tight junctions within the gut lining, thereby improving nutrient absorption and digestion while defending from toxins. When the gut is strong, the whole body can thrive - as nature intended.

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