Your Relationship with Nature: Reimagining Nature as Your Playground

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Zach Bush

What does it mean to be human? Are we a distinct entity unto ourselves? Or are we part of something greater?

It’s a philosophical question, but it’s also grounded (sometimes quite literally) in how we approach experiencing the world around us.

What would happen if we remembered that we aren’t apart from nature, but instead, that we are part of nature?

Understanding this simple truth carries profound meaning for how we can live our lives to their highest, richest, fullest potential.

“In these last decades, we’ve realized that to be human is to be an ecosystem.”

— Zach Bush MD

What’s become abundantly clear is that, as human beings, we are anything but an island. Yes, we are a universe unto ourselves (thanks to our microbiome!) but we are also living and breathing in a larger, shared universe meticulously manifested by Mother Nature.

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“To be human is to be connected to nature itself.”

— Zach Bush MD

This enduring and intricate connection to the world around us—the grand flora and fauna with whom we share the Earth—and the worlds within us is not an abstract concept or poetic pondering. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the microbes that keep our bodies in balance are all essential, tangible testaments of the vital relationship we have with Mother Nature.

Beyond the pragmatic—food, water, air—fostering the deep connections we share within ourselves and to the world at large creates a profound sense of awe, kinship, and well-being. Nature hasn’t just created a world for us to survive; she’s created one for us to realize our highest selves and thrive.

Hugging tree

“Nature is not against you—she has imagined you.”

— Zach Bush MD

We all know the importance of working with nature, not against it. But perhaps we should take this a step further. What if we rethought her role as not just an entity to work with but something to actually enjoy?

Because nature is, at its heart, a playground. And wonderful things happen when you treat it as such.

When you open yourself up to the sheer wonder that can happen by simply taking in her splendor, you align yourself with her inherent wisdom and resilience. Getting out in the world to experience all that Mother Nature has to offer strengthens us in every way—mentally, physically, and emotionally—lifting us to the highest planes and enhancing us down to the cellular level.

So, experience the world as a child would, with unabashed curiosity and delight. Something as simple as getting your hands in the soil could be just the beginning of a journey that can transform your life.

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“I am hoping that you all create a new experience for the human journey in which you see nature as your playground again.”

— Zach Bush MD

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