ION Gut Support Supplement Transition

ION* is still evolving

  • During some pivotal moments over the past few years, we have had to take pause and reflect on who we are as a company. And as we reflected, we learned more about ourselves than we ever have before. In looking to our larger mission, we seek not only to better serve you, but to better serve Mother Nature - the inspiration behind our entire suite. To those ends, we have made several changes during this evolutionary process. But before we get into those details, we want to make one thing crystal clear: absolutely nothing about our formula is changing.

  • We captured lightning in a bottle (pun intended) with our original formula back in 2012 and we have no plans of moving away from the magic of what is actually in the ION* bottle. The intelligence of nature was always our inspiration; now we have the tools to fully bring that vision to life.

Our Vision For a Mission Upgrade

  • Authenticity

    We have always known that ION* stands for the Intelligence of Nature. But this beautiful insight hasn't always shown through to you, where we most want it seen, felt, heard, and embraced. To reflect the meaning behind our moniker more easily, we are evolving from ION*Biome to ION* Intelligence of Nature.
  • Transparency

    ION* is a unique product, both in form and function. As we evolve, we cannot help but rethink how we refer to our ingredients. We have come to realize that "aqueous humic substances", while technically correct, may not be pinpointing the nature of our product the way we would like it to. We have updated our label to reflect our truest, most authentic self with "Humic Extract (from Ancient Soil)".
  • Sustainability

    As we continue to strive towards our larger mission of improving soil and planetary health, our most important change is updating our entire ION* product line to more eco-friendly packaging. With nature always on our mind, we seek to continuously move towards a product line that reflects that, both inside and out.
ION Natural Supplement Recycled Packaging Min
  • ION Gut and Digestive Health for Pets
  • Our labels

    The paper stock for our new labels is made with 15% by-product from citrus juice production. The remaining paper contains 40% of post-consumer recycled fiber and 45% virgin wood pulp.

    Our paper stock is also made from FSC® certified paper. The FSC® certification ensuresthat products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. The FSC® chain of custody certification verifies that FSC® certified material is identified or kept segregated from non-certified or non-controlled material through this chain.

  • Our bottles

    Our new bottles are comprised of 50% postconsumer resin (PCR) HDPE plastic.

    • PCR plastic production has a lower carbon footprint than virgin/new plastic production.
    • Reduces amount of plastic in landfills and waste management

    In general, HDPE is the most commonly recycled plastic and is considered one of the safest forms of plastic. It is a relatively simple and cost-effective process to recycle HDPE plastic for secondary use.

  • Reduction of waste

    In an effort to reduce plastic overall, we have decided to discontinue our kid's product, ION*Gut Health For Kids. As it is the same formula as our adult product, which we still sell in an 8oz bottle, we could think of no reason not to combine whole family health into one product.

    We have also decided to remove our 16oz ION* Gut Support and 8oz ION* Gut Support For Pets from our subscription program. By subscribing to larger bottles, you are helping contribute to a world with less plastic!

    We also now sell ION* Sinus Support 2-packs! This allows for sharing of health (not sharing of bottles) and reduces shipping efforts.

  • Our shipping boxes

    Our shipping boxes are all manufactured from recycled cardboard using water-based (nontoxic) ink.

  • You have questions? We have answers.

    • Why did you remove the ION* Gut Support 16oz and ION* Gut Support For Pets 8oz bottles from subscription?

      First and foremost, we want to make it clear that we have only discontinued these products on subscription. Both are still available on single order. However, in an effort to be more sustainable and lessen the impact with shipping, packaging, etc., we have removed these from our membership offerings. Since we understand some folks still work their way through ION* a little more slowly, we have added a 90-day frequency option for delivery on all of our membership items!

    • Why did you discontinue the ION*Gut Health For Kids product?
      It is simply the more sustainable solution. With there being no difference in formula between the kid’s product and the adult product, we felt it time to merge these products into one product for the whole family! This cuts down on plastics and ultimately allows you to get more bang for your buck. Our new ION* Gut Support labels include usage instructions for both children and adults.
    • Why did you change the ingredients in ION*?

      We have NOT, we repeat, NOT changed the ingredients or our formula, all of which remains exactly the same as it was at its inception in 2012. The only thing that has changed about ION* is the way we refer to and measure our ingredients.

      While our previous ingredient name, "aqueous humic substances", is accurate in a broader categorical sense, "humic extract" is more specific in relation to our unique product.

      The term "humic substances" is used often to describe organic material composed of humic, fulvic, and humin. So, while we do utilize some of the material from humic substances, we do not use it all and to avoid customer confusion and remain as transparent as possible, we have decided to make it perfectly clear that ION* is an extract of humic, hence "humic extract".

      For instance, the same way that vanilla extract goes through a process to obtain the useful part from the vanilla bean, we extract the useful part of humic substances. We no longer refer to it as humic substances, much like you would not refer to vanilla extract as vanilla bean.

      Our proprietary Terrahydrite® extraction and isolation process makes ION* distinctly different from other humic substances available on the market today and "humic extract" helps to not only better distinguish us but to inform you.