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ION* Family + Pet Wellness Bundle

ION* Family + Pet Wellness Bundle

Meet the ION* bundle that covers the entire household - furry family members included. ION* Gut Support, Skin Support, and Pet Support make the Family + Pet Wellness Bundle your family’s go-to daily ritual for toxin defense and a thriving microbiome. Get to the foundation of health, head to toe (and tail), with proven and all-natural ION*.

• 32oz Gut Support
• 8oz Skin Support
• 16oz Pet Support

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One order. Head-to-tail wellness.

All natural and backed by science, ION* works at the foundation of health so you can live your best life.

ION* Gut Support

This liquid wellness supplement diversifies your microbiome, supports healthy digestion, defends from toxins, and improves nutrient absorption. This soil-derived fulvate is proven to strengthen the gut lining, improving overall gut function. 

  • ION Gut and Digestive Support Supplement Icon
    • Digestive support
    • Nutrient Absorption
    • Immune Function
    • Gluten Defense
    • Toxin Protection
  • ION Gut Ingredients Icon

    Humic Extract (Fulvate), Purified Water

"It has completely improved my digestion and bloating issues."

— Whitney H.

Mixing ION Gut Health Supplement Drink
ION* Skin Support

This protective daily mist strengthens the skin barrier to shield against toxins. Our innovative blend reinforces cellular connection, supporting a diverse terrain for your skin’s microbiome to thrive. Formulated with effective ingredients to help minimize signs of skin damage, soothe, and balance complexion for healthy skin that glows. 

  • ION Skin Health Supplement Toxin Protection Icon
    • Protect Against Toxins
    • Reduce Signs of Skin Damage
    • Balance Complexion
  • ION Skin Ingredients Icon

    Humic Extract (Fulvate), Silicon, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, Magnesium Citrate, Purified Water.

"I saw a difference with the first application of ION* Skin Support."

— Tara J.

ION Skin Health Supplement 8oz Bottle
ION* Gut Support For Pets

All-natural and backed by science, ION* works at the foundation of health so your furry family member can thrive.

  • ION Paw Icon
    • Kidney Function
    • Digestion
    • Vitality
    • Immune Health
  • ION* Ingredients Icon

    Humic Extract (Fulvate), Purified Water, Silicon

"She is happy, healthy, and as playful as ever!"

— Dr. Rojo

ION Pet Gut Health Supplement 16oz Bottle
Product Dosage
Level up your daily wellness ritual.

The best way to ION*:

Gut Support: Morning, noon, and night, ION* Gut Support is your daily wellness ally. Take ION* straight up, or add it to purified water, a smoothie, or your morning coffee. But most of all, just remember to take it.

Skin Support: At home and on the go, mist ION* on face, neck, and chest before applying other products, allowing for maximum absorption. Use AM and PM or anytime your skin needs support.

Gut Support for Pets: Add ION* to your pet’s water bowl or straight up, by using a syringe, administering gradually via the corner of the mouth.

ION* is the intelligence of nature at work.
Testimonial Image
"A new foundation for human health."

"I ended my career in hospital medicine and started the pursuit of understanding nutrition and ultimately, our food broken systems. This led me to found ION*, an all-natural wellness product to provide a new foundation for human health."

— Zach Bush MD, CEO and Founder of ION*

  • Frequently asked questions

    Get answers to our most asked questions.

    • Usage Instructions
      In the bundle:
      Gut Support:
      Adults and Children 4 and Over:

      For general gut-brain health, we recommend 1 teaspoon of ION* Gut Support 3x/day. Optimal gut health is achieved when taken 30 minutes prior to meals because of ION* Gut Support's protective effects against gluten and glyphosate, but you can take it immediately before, with, or after a meal, (or on an empty stomach) and still receive benefit.

      Sensitive Adult Usage:

      Results can vary with initial ION* Gut Support usage, with many customers reporting rapid and profound early results. These results are not the direct effects of the supplement itself, but instead reflect the innate healing process that occurs in a body as the firewall system is optimally up and running. There is a subset of individuals, however, that can experience symptoms of tiredness, headache, bloating/increased gas, or bowel changes. If you feel you may be sensitive to the changes that can occur as your innate defenses and capacity for water/nutrient absorption are restored, we suggest a slower approach. Start with 1/8 teaspoon of ION* Gut Support daily, increasing usage slowly, as tolerated, to get to recommended label usage.

      Skin Support:

      Mist ION* Skin Support on face, neck and chest twice daily. Use before applying other skin products, before and after sun exposure, or wherever your skin needs support. For best results, allow to dry or massage into skin before applying other skincare products.

      Gut Support for Pets:
      Directions for use:

      Shake Well. Ideal application is by syringe (no needle) in the corner of mouth (not squirted in – but gradually dispensed). You can also pour ION* Gut Support For Pets into one-quarter cup of dechlorinated water.

      Pets can drink ION* Gut Support For Pets before, during, or after a meal and still receive benefit. If you feed twice daily, you can split the following doses in half and provide twice daily.

      For pet weight:
      <20 lbs: 1 tsp (5 ml) daily
      21 lbs to 100 lbs: 2 tsp (10 ml) daily
      >101 lbs: 1 Tbsp (15 ml) daily

      Sensitive Usage:

      Starting with 1/8 teaspoon of ION* Gut Support For Pets, once a day, can be a good introduction. Double the usage weekly until your pet is fully benefitting from the recommended usage for their weight category. Give at mealtime or twice daily in one-quarter cup of dechlorinated water.

      Please note: These usage schedules are for canines and felines. ION* Gut Support For Pets has not been tested in the equine environment.

    • What does ION* Gut Support do?

      ION* Gut Support strengthens tight junction integrity at the gut lining, which protects the immune and neurologic systems and regulates the delivery of water and nutrients to the body.

      As demonstrated in our peer reviewed articles, toxins like glyphosate and gluten can degrade tight junctions in the epithelial layer of the gut lining. ION* Gut Support has been shown to promote the strengthening of this gut barrier, thereby bolstering the first line of defense against everyday exposure to toxins. With a strong gut lining, both digestion and immune function are improved. Further, by acting as a carrier molecule, ION* moves nutrients into the cells where they are needed the most.

    • What is ION* Skin Support?

      ION* Skin Support is an all-natural, soil-derived spray utilizing our innovative Terrahydrite® blend, combined with various bio-available minerals including Silicon as Monomethylsilanetriol, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, and Magnesium Citrate. ION* Skin Support is scientifically proven to strengthen your barrier against toxins, support a healthy response to the sun, and improve hydration. It is microbiome-friendly as well as fragrance and dye-free.

    • What is ION* Gut Support For Pets and what does it do?

      ION* Gut Support For Pets is a liquid supplement that supplies the first line of defense against everyday exposure to environmental and food-borne toxins. It is an all-natural humic extract derived from ancient soil.

      The gut lining is a barrier working to protect your pet from toxic substances such as glyphosate, gluten, and other foreign particles. But just as importantly, it functions to allow the passage of beneficial nutrients. Preserving the integrity of this barrier is key to health. Instead of feeding the microbiome with various bacterial strains, as you would get from a probiotic, ION* Gut Support For Pets works via redox signaling to maintain tight junction integrity in the epithelial layer of the gut lining.

      ION* facilitates nutrient absorption, promotes kidney health, and helps with the inflammatory response promoting immune function and alleviating environmental allergy sensitivities.

    • Is ION* similar to probiotics or enzymes?

      ION* is not a prebiotic, a probiotic, or a direct source of enzymes. It contains zero bacteria. We need a much more diverse microbiome than one can achieve by replicating the same strands of bacteria over and over (this monoculture can happen when we take probiotics).

      ION* is unique in that it naturally enhances the diversity of your individual microbiome. It works as a communication network that gives our bodies the tools to create their own bacterial ecosystem again - that ecosystem that has been wiped out by environmental toxins such as antibiotics and pesticides. Without the communication network, there will always be overgrowth of certain species and underrepresentation of others.

      Note: Please consult your healthcare provider concerning the addition or removal of probiotics and digestive enzymes in your personal regimen; as each person is unique, we cannot make individual recommendations.

    • How is ION* Skin Support different from ION* Gut Support?

      In addition to the humic extract blend utilized in our Gut Support formula, ION* Skin Support includes bioavailable Silicon as Monomethylsilanetriol, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, and Magnesium Citrate. It is a synergistic blend specially formulated for keratinocytes, the primary cells which form the skin barrier.

    • How is ION* Gut Support For Pets different from the human ION* Gut Support formula?

      ION* Gut Support For Pets is specially formulated for canines and felines and includes silicon. Silicon, not commonly found in pet food, supports structure in the body from the cellular level to the muscular-skeletal level. It is an essential element for healthy connective tissues, especially in the bone and cartilage of animals.