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ION* Pump

ION* Pump

Although all ION* Gut Support products have a convenient cap which allows for drops, a pump is another great option. Our pump helps to easily dispense ION* from our larger bottles, including:

• 16oz or 32oz ION* Gut Support
• 16oz ION* Gut Support For Pets
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  • Frequently asked questions

    Get answers to our most asked questions.

    • Does the pump dispense one teaspoon?

      The pump is intended for convenience only and is not an exact measurement. The amount dispensed may vary with each use.

    • Do I need a pump for the bottle?

      No. Each bottle of ION* comes with a convenient flip-top with a drop dispenser. However, many of our customers prefer to use a pump to dispense ION*, especially with our larger bottles.

    • What if my pump leaks when I shake the bottle?

      The larger (32oz and 16oz) bottles are not intended to be shaken when a pump has been inserted in place of the flip top. Therefore, if you are using a pump, we encourage you to give the bottle a gentle swirl (versus shaking). This should suffice to mix up any sediment (which is normal).

    • Can I store the pump in the bottle all the time?

      Sure! Having a convenient way to take ION* is important. We do recommend you take the dispensing pump out and clean it with soap and water before placing it into a new bottle of ION*. 

    • Does a pump come with each bottle?

      Having a pump makes taking ION* so much easier; that's why we give you a free pump with your first subscription order! We do not send out a pump with every order of ION* Gut Support to eliminate waste.

    • How do I get the pump to work?

      The pump will arrive in a locked position. We suggest putting the pump on the bottle first. Once the pump is secured to the bottle, push down ever so slightly and turn in a counterclockwise direction. As you continue to turn, the pump should come unlocked, and you should be able to push down and dispense the product.

    • What if my pump breaks?

      No problem! We are happy to replace it free of charge.