5 Reasons You Need ION* Gut Support

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5 reasons you need ION* Gut Support

Diet. Exercise. Sleep. Hydration.

We know the big things that can affect our well-being but there’s something else to consider that makes a world of difference: your gut health.

Responsible for so much more than digestion, your gut is an epicenter for your overall wellness–in fact, it’s where over 70% of your immune function resides! (And not to mention gut health is also strongly linked to mental health, mood, heart health, and more.)

What makes for a healthy gut? A thriving microbiome and tight cellular junctions that create a strong internal barrier. That’s what’s so compelling about ION* Gut Support. ION* is proven to seal the cells in your gut lining1 to improve overall gut function, including the important jobs of keeping toxins out, nutrients in, and strengthening the terrain upon which your unique microbiome can diversify.

All-natural and backed by science, ION* is specially formulated to do what probiotics and other supplements can’t, to support your body on its most foundational level without adding anything new to your system.

So, what is ION* Gut Support?

Well, for all its profound effectiveness, ION* is, at its core, quite simple: a blend of humic extract and purified water. The humic extract is derived from ancient soil that’s rich in beneficial metabolites combined with trace minerals to create fulvate, a unique family of molecules that are at the heart of all ION* products.

ION* fulvate molecules differ from fulvic acids by remaining in an alkaline state. It’s this maintenance of keeping fulvate in its natural state that’s key to ION*'s effectiveness in aiding essential functions like nutrient absorption, metal chelation, and preserving tight junction integrity–all things needed for a healthy, happy gut.

So what can you expect if you incorporate ION* Gut Support into your daily wellness ritual? Here are some of the top reasons why ION* is a great addition to your every day.

tight junctions

1. Defends Against Toxins

Having tight junctions isn’t just helpful in the context of gluten exposure, it’s crucial when facing environmental toxins that we’re exposed to–even unwillingly–every day. These tight junctions are so important because of their intelligent ability to keep toxins and bad foreign particles out of the bloodstream but still allow nutrients to enter (and keep them in).

Unfortunately, one of the worst toxins is glyphosate and you are very likely exposed to it often. Glyphosate, a probable carcinogen and the main chemical in the most common herbicide in the world, is in virtually everything: soil, water, air, food. Unfortunately, exposure to this chemical degrades your body’s barriers and loosens tight junctions. When these are compromised, the gut’s permeability is increased, allowing harmful substances and organisms in the gut to leak into the bloodstream, causing all sorts of issues.

Fortunately, ION* is scientifically proven to reduce the negative impact of glyphosate by strengthening tight junctions in your gut lining and supporting natural microbiome diversification. While we still need to win the war against glyphosate being used at all, we can build up our body’s natural armor in the meantime.

arm muscles

2. Increases Lysine Production (A Key to Collagen Formation!)

Collagen, famous for its role in promoting skin elasticity and strength, goes much farther than skin deep. The benefits of healthy collagen formation actually extend to everything from muscle strength and joint pain to overall heart health. Collagen is found in your bones, muscles, blood, comprises a third of the protein in your body, and three-quarters of your skin! Suffice it to say: it’s kind of a big deal. It’s especially important to support collagen production as you age, as your existing collagen breaks down, and it becomes harder to produce more.

Where does ION* come into all this? Well, ION* has been shown to support the production of lysine, which is one of the fundamental precursors of vital collagen formation.


3. Aids with Gluten Digestion and Gluten Exposure

While gluten itself is not a toxin, it can cause harm to your gut health by disrupting the balance of bacteria in your microbiome and creating inflammation that damages the gut lining. Thankfully, the humic extract molecules that make up ION* help activate an enzyme that helps remove toxic peptides found in gluten.

By sparking this enzyme production, ION* helps the body maintain low levels of zonulin (a protein that’s a biomarker of increased intestinal permeability) mitigating the damage caused to tight junctions, and defending against unnecessary negative immune responses due to gluten exposure. Learn more about gluten and gut health.


4. Supports Other Health Efforts

Although most Americans are technically well-fed, they are, also, ironically, vastly undernourished (resulting in chronic health issues). This could explain why over 80% of Americans take supplements. In this context, it makes sense, unfortunately. What is further unfortunate is that nutrition is no longer as easy as getting the right fruits, vegetables, and whole grains–the nutrient content in our food is simply not as good as it once was.

Even so, simply supplementing may not be enough if your gut health is damaged. If your gut isn’t healthy and functioning as it should, it can’t send nutrients where they need to go.

What makes ION* a great addition is that it helps increase your “return on investment” for things you’re already doing for your health via healthy diet and nutritional supplements. Because ION* Gut Support aids in improving gut function at its most foundational level, the bioavailability of supplements and nutrients derived from food is improved, too.

walking in nature

5. Connection With Nature

ION* is all about the power of connection, big and small–from cell to cell and from person to planet. It’s the lack of connection that’s causing many issues people are facing today–including a disconnect from Mother Nature. By incorporating ION* into your daily routine, you’re getting a much-needed connection (via ancient soil) back to nature - and back to health.

For all of its benefits, ION* is easy to incorporate into even the busiest routines. It’s effective and gentle enough for the whole family. ION* is a daily ritual that sets the foundation for overall wellness that stems from a happy, healthy gut.

Try ION* Gut Support today and start thriving!


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